Time to Spring Forward

Tonight is when we move our clocks ahead an hour for Daylight Saving Time.  I’m beginning to question the wisdom of this, especially since studies have now determined that the effect on our bodies is similar to jet lag.  I know that jet lag is no fun.  Neither is walking around feeling a mite off kilter for two or three days.  Oh, well, I’ve survived it other years so I suppose I’ll survive again this year.

I’m curious about who determines which Sunday we do this.  It seems to me that the second Sunday in March is a rather strange date.  I wonder if it’s connected somehow to Ash Wednesday.  If it is, I’m sorry but I can’t see a connection.  I seem to remember that years ago we “sprang forward” the first Sunday in April.

I’m weary of “springing.”  Can’t we just stay the same time all year found? 


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One Response to Time to Spring Forward

  1. fillyjonk says:

    The moving-up of “spring forward” happened a few years ago; it was a governmental decision. Some in government are convinced it saves energy even though I’ve seen a number of studies that says it doesn’t.

    I don’t like springing forward and especially not so early. I’ve had problems falling asleep all this week (I have to go to bed fairly early because I get up so early) and I suspect it’s related to the time change, that my body hasn’t adjusted yet.

    Also, it’s now dark again when I drive to work.

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