Birthday Thoughts

I had a birthday about two and a half weeks ago. I’m still getting used to entering the correct age on forms. How did I get to be so old? And with that question comes another … how many more birthdays will be allotted to me?

Tonight is our family birthday supper. We have four birthdays within a month so rather than do separate dinners, we’re combining them all into one. It will almost be a mini-Christmas by the time all the birthday gifts are opened. As one of the honorees, I admit to be curious about what gifts I’ll be given. Having a birthday so soon after Christmas makes it difficult to come up with a wish list. So surprises await.

Another question is the menu for the dinner. One thing which will be on there is the applesauce raisin cake that is my traditional birthday cake. My sister bakes it for me and it’s the only time all year I get it. Most of the other birthday honorees prefer chocolate cake so I guess she’s making one of those as well unless my niece takes on that chore.

How do you celebrate birthdays in your family?

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