Getting Things Done

Today has been one for getting things done. To start, I tutored Emma in reading. The book we read was fun … it’s written in rhyme and is about an elephant who tells the other animals to stand back because he’s going to sneeze. They all beg him not to because the last time he sneezed, the stripes fell off the zebra, the bees lost their stingers and wings, the crocodile’s snout turned inside out, the monkeys fell out of the trees, the birds lost their feathers, etc.

Finally a tiny mouse stands up on his tiptoes and tells the elephant to stop. It ends with the elephant falling on the grounds in laughter at the mouse. Of course, that made all those things the animals were trying to avoid to happen.

In the hour following the tutoring session I accomplished some shopping for our family birthday dinner this coming Saturday as well as eating lunch. I still need to get a gift for my sister but I know what I want to buy.

Then it was off to the diabetes education program at an area hospital. The topic was dental care when you have diabetes. It was an interesting topic/session but I did get a tiny bit annoyed by one person. She was a retired dental hygienist and constantly interrupted the diabetes educator who was doing the program. Fortunately, the educator didn’t seem to be bothered by her input and, in fact, appeared to welcome it. I won one of the attendance prizes … a keychain with a place to carry four glucose tablets.

Now I’m home and listening to the wind. It is really blowing out there. I just hope it doesn’t blow up a severe storm.

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