It Was Off to Burma

We went to Burma last night at the monthly travelogue.  The lecturer made reference to things and places they weren’t allowed to see or photograph but it looked to me like they had a good time.  One thing tickled my funny bone.  He made reference to taking a boat on a river, the name escapes my memory at the moment, but it reminded me of the river mentioned in Lillian Jackson Braun’s “The Cat Who …”‘ books.  I wondered if she had taken inspiration from the river in Burma.

During the intermission we were invited to enjoy some coffee or lemonade and cookies.  In all the years I’ve attended we’ve never had refreshments.  The coffee from a local coffee roaster was delicious but very hot.  The cookies were delightful heart-shaped sugar cookies topped with red sugar.   They were crunchy buttery cookies just like a sugar cookie should be.

Attendance was down, I thought.  I don’t know if the fact it was Valentine’s Day was the reason or if it was the weather.  It was cold and sleety and I almost didn’t go.  Since we can park in a garage across the street from the auditorium, I decided to chance it.  Fortunately the streets weren’t bad and I was dressed for the cold.  Not, perhaps, a typical way to celebrate Valentine’s Day but it wasn’t a bad way.


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