Looking for Ideas

I’m looking for some new ideas for breakfast What do you eat for breakfast? Are you in a rut — like me — eating the same thing over and over? What’s the most unusual breakfast you’ve had?

I remember years ago when I was still living with my parents I started fixing grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast. Sometimes I made them open-faced with bacon strips crossed on them.My mother was somewhat handicapped at that time so I fixed her breakfast before I started off to work.

She had a friend who would just open the door and come in. Mom was getting tired of this because it interfered with her plans for the day and meant she had to fix lunch for her friend. So one morning as I was fixing my grilled cheese breakfast, we heard the door open. I peeked. Sure enough it was the friend coming in. Mom quickly said, “Fix me one of those too.” When the friend saw us eating grilled cheese for breakfast, she must have decided lunch would be equally strange and didn’t hang around.

I think the most unusual breakfast I’ve ever eaten occurred during a trip to Australia. I had told the airline I needed a low-fat diet. To my surprised I was served baked white fish for breakfast. Not a menu I would have chosen but it wasn’t bad. Travel really can be educational if you are open to new experiences.

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1 Response to Looking for Ideas

  1. fillyjonk says:

    I think the Brits also sometimes eat fish for breakfast. (Also baked beans on toast).

    I occasionally have whole-wheat toast and peanut butter, if I know I have a strenuous morning or it will be a while until lunch, the extra protein helps. A friend of mine eats cottage cheese with splenda and cinnamon on it.

    I often think, “Breakfast would be a good time to get in another serving of vegetables” but I can never quite force myself to make a salad or heat up cabbage that time of day. (Perhaps I could ease into it by trying baked beans on toast). I’ve also heard of a diet plan where you “flip” your day, and eat a dinner-sized meal at breakfast (with dinner-type foods – meat and veg and all that) and then eat a light egg dish or a piece of toast for dinner.

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