In the Doldrums

Am I the only one who is down in the doldrums right now?

I’m tired of winter. This is a little unusual for me but for some reason this year winter has lost its charms. Forecasts of snow — or worse, wintery mix — do nothing to raise my spirits. I just want to move on to mild (not hot) days with bright spring flowers.

I’ve begun to think of taking a vacation. But where to go is the question. I saw a mention of the John C Campbell Folk School on another blog today. Have you ever been? Maybe taking a course in something new would be just what I need.

Maybe I should wear a bright red sweater or dress. Bright colors sometimes lift my spirits. At least they provide a contrast to grey skies.

I missed posting a poem on February 2 which is an annual custom. I read a couple of blogs which had remembered. Did you look for the poems? How many did you find?

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2 Responses to In the Doldrums

  1. Susie says:

    No, you are not the only one in the doldrums. I find that since the cold I just survived, I am letting my house basically fall down about my ears. Ack! I am doing so little, it is embarrassing. I can’t really blame it on the weather. Our weather has been about ideal. Guess it’s a leftover from that cold. I trust there are more energetic days ahead for both of us–and everyone else in this becalmed boat.

  2. Naomi Smith says:

    Hi, Yes, I think most of us that are experiencing this winter weather are pretty tired of it and ready for spring. They have forecast up to 10 inches of snow for us tonight and tomorrow. It was nice to hear from you at Christmas time. I enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with your activities. Wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great day and do something special to celebrate.

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