What’s It Going To Do?

Well, what is the weather going to do?  The day started out sunny and I think it even got up to 45 F.  This means the remainder of the snow and ice from the other day is melted from my driveway.  Now, though, it is clouding up.  The forecast can/is striking fear into hearts.

The temp is to fall down to near zero tonight.  Starting around 6 p.m. we’re to get a mix of rain/sleet/snow which will change over to all snow.  Accumulation is predicted to be between 6 and 10 inches.  Yikes!  It’s not supposed to get warm again for several days.  In fact, we might set some new cold temp records.

This forecast — if it comes true — probably means no church on Sunday.  Even if the service isn’t cancelled (which is what I’d do if I were in charge), getting there through that much snow will be difficult.  What will the parking lot be like if I do make it there?

I’ve been sick with a nasty cold all week.  I just can’t bring myself to think about braving a major winter storm.  I wish there were some way to know what’s going to happen.

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One Response to What’s It Going To Do?

  1. Susie says:

    With that cold, you probably should just stay snug in the house for at least a few more days. Even if you’re better, you won’t want to be around anyone else who’s sick. Pamper yourself a bit!

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