It’s Nice To Be Remembered

This is the time of the year when we think of old friends and family members we don’t often see. For some of us, that means sending Christmas cards. I’ve heard (and read) some grumbles about the work and cost involved in mailing cards. But I’ve never met anyone who frowned when opening one from an almost-forgotten friend.

I like to write a year-end letter to go in my cards. I didn’t do that this year. It seemed to me that there were no “good” stories to tell in such a letter this year. It’s been a year of considerable pain and expense and I just couldn’t dredge up the enthusiasm for writing that. Why be a downer to my friends? Hopefully, 2014 will be better and I’ll be able to write an upbeat letter once again.

But it is nice to be remembered. Today I had a kind of unusual experience that underscored that for me. I was in Walmart and a man spoke to me. I recognized him as someone who worked at the gas station where I most often buy gas. I hadn’t seen him for a while and wondered what had happened to him. I didn’t know his name to ask about him.

I was rather surprised that he recognized me and spoke to me. He’s now on disability. I didn’t find out how he became disabled but he whipped off his hat and showed me a scar on his head where they had to open his skull and remove a blood clot. He seemed so pleased to see one of his old customers again and I was glad to see him. Who knew that buying gas could produce such a pleasant interlude in the midst of Christmas shopping?

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