Inching Toward Christmas

I’m inching my way to Christmas. I attended a Christmas party Tuesday evening. It was for the Women’s Ministry group at church and will probably be the only party I attend. It was a nice affair and the women I sat with were friendly and nice.

Wednesday I taught a class in how to knit the lacy ruffle scarf which has been so popular beginning last year. That didn’t turn out the way it was intended. First, I had five students (yeah!) BUT they came to learn how to crochet the scarf, not knit it. None of them knew how to knit. I had the crochet directions for them but I don’t crochet. Gamely we embarked on knitting the scarf. The next thing I knew two of the women had virtually taken over the class and were teaching each other what to do. It helped that they were a nice group of ladies.

Today the second batch of Christmas cards and a package went in the mail. That should finish my Post Office chores unless I get a lot of cards I’m not currently expecting. Oddly enough I did get one card signed with a name I don’t recognize. The note in the card said the sender wanted to let me know she had moved. That still didn’t help me identify her.

The wreath is on the door. I must decide what other decorations I want to us and get them in place. My shopping is completed except for stocking stuffer gifts so bit by bit I’m getting ready for Christmas.

How are you doing?

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