Weather Update

We were blessed that the worst of the winter storm missed us.  We ended up with about two inches of snow on top of a thin layer of sleet.  But the temps … they took a nosedive.  The high on Wednesday was 67.  Yesterday the high never got above the low 20s and the low last night was 12.  That’s cold.  Thank goodness for warm sweaters.  Oddly enough the heavy snow went south of us.  The explanation for that is that the cold air coming down from Canada pushed the moist air from the Gulf back so we didn’t get as much snow as first forecast.  It didn’t push too hard … the snow line is about 75 miles south of us but they got between 6 and 10 inches of snow.

Today was the Open House at Joann’s.  I was late getting there but I think I was the only teacher who showed up at all.  I sat and worked on one of the lacy ruffled scarves.  I’m scheduled to teach a class on it next week.  At first, I was going to attempt knitting the entire scarf before the class.  But today while working on it, I decided not to do that.  It will be easier to demonstrate how to do it with my half-finished scarf, assuming I get one half knit.  I must say I think whoever knits up the samples for Joann’s must be a speed knitter.  According to the class handouts, this scarf can be knit in two hours.  Not by me it can’t!

I stopped at Barnes & Noble on my way home.  The store was busier than I’ve ever seen it which is good.  I like having a bookstore in the area.  I found the last of the gifts I needed to get and some goodies for me too.  I would have gotten more for me but I remembered I had put a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble on my Christmas list so decided it might be wise to wait until after Christmas to get more books just in case I get the gift certificate.


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