Winter Storm

We’re waiting for the forecast winter storm to begin.  Early this morning we got a bit of sleet but it didn’t amount to much.  I was glad since I had to have some lab tests done this morning and there’s no good way to get to the hospital without driving up/down hills.  We’re promised more sleet and snow starting some time this evening.  Accumulation is always difficult to predict but the last I heard we were to get 4.4 inches of snow by morning.  That means the snow is going to come fast and furious once it starts. 

I had a giggle yesterday.  I got an email from the supermarket where I shop advising me that they had plenty of supplies of milk, eggs, and bread.  I fortunately don’t need to go to the store to get any since I have enough on hand for my needs until some time next week.  My guess is that the store is doing a brisk business today on those items.

The Women’s Ministry group at my church had scheduled their Christmas party for tonight.  They have wisely rescheduled it until next Tuesday.  I’m wondering if the travelogue at Wash U will be postponed or cancelled for tomorrow night.  Given that their audience is primarily senior citizens I would think that would be wise if we get all the snow that’s forecast.

So we sit and wait on the weather to make up its mind.


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