What Do They Do WIth Them?

I’ve noticed more and more charities are asking that you donate your car to them. I assume they mean that when you get a new car, you give them your old one rather than trade it in on the purchase. That’s a very nice thing to do and most of them promise a tax deduction for your donation.

But it does make me wonder about what they do with those cars. I doubt they get all that many. Do they sell them … as complete cars, to someone who uses them for parts or to a scrap metal company or some other recycling firm? I’ve never seen or noticed the cars being sold to individuals once they’ve been donated. But maybe I just don’t know where they would sell such cars.

My guess is that the cars are sold for parts or scrap. But that makes me wonder if they really can get that much out of them, especially given the size of the tax donation they give the person donating the car. Somehow, someone is making a profit out of the deal but it’s beyond me to imagine how.

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One Response to What Do They Do WIth Them?

  1. fillyjonk says:

    A lot of places will take working cars and auction them as-is, or, I think in some cases (like some of the programs to help troubled teens), they have people who can fix up the cars and sell them. I know one of the places around here notes in their ads that “someone less fortunate gets a car to drive” so I presume that the cars are sold at a low price to people who just need transportation. I presume the non-working cars are sold for parts or for the value of the metal.

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