Going to the Symphony

I’m going to the Symphony tonight to hear Peter Grimes. I don’t ever remember hearing this before so I’m really looking forward to it. One reason is that is by Benjamin Britten (I think!). Guess I’ll need to check my program to be sure.

Whenever I hear or read the name Benjamin Britten, I’m reminded of a trip to England. I had gone to a Pen Pals United convention. After the convention I went home with one of my English penpals for a few days visit. I’m terribly fuzzy about English geography but I think they lived in Surrey. Some memories of that trip are crystal clear.

One is that we got up one morning and Ruth, my pen pal, decided they should take me to ??? where Benjamin Britten had set up a school. It was a most interesting place to explore. On our way home they showed me the North Sea. It’s a trip I have fond memories of, especially now that Ruth is no longer with us.

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