Something Else To Ponder

Another thought I’m pondering is who decided that all sandwiches, especially at fast food restaurants, should come with potatoes. Usually the potatoes are French fries made from white potatoes. Why? What is it about the potato that makes it the best accompaniment for a sandwich? Is it because it has a bland flavor except for the grease it is fried in?

If the sandwich didn’t come with potatoes, what would you like in place of them? Maybe an assortment of raw vegetables and dip? Maybe coleslaw? Maybe some kind of chips? Maybe a lettuce salad although if you have lettuce and tomato on the sandwich that might not be a good choice?

I guess my pondering boils down to who decides on food pairings and why are they so universally accepted.

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1 Response to Something Else To Ponder

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Some of the “fast casual” places will do a fruit cup instead of fries. I usually get that, not just because it’s better for me, but I like it better.

    I’m not a big fan of fries. If I’m eating potatoes, I would rather have a baked potato.

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