Pondering Fasting

Are you familiar with fasting? If you’ve had some medical tests, I’m sure you are. Some tests require you to fast for 12 hours before having the test. Nothing to eat or drink. I find that to be tough, especially the nothing to drink.

Then there is the fasting which is done as a religious practice. I recently learned that there are all different kinds of fasts which fall into this category. The fasts can vary in length. They can be like the medical one in which no food or drink is consumed for some period of time. They can be juice fasts which allows drinking juice but no solid foods. They can be a fast from specific kinds of food similar to the Meatless Monday program.

In my recent reading about fasting, I learned that you can fast things other than food. The author I was reading suggested fasting your electronics. I don’t use a lot of electronics other than my computer. In fact I don’t have a Smart Phone or any of the other popular devices. But I ponder … could I give up using my computer for a day? What would I do with the time gained? If this was a religious fast, would I read my Bible or pray during that time?

In thinking about what I could fast … other than food … I thought about how much time I spend reading. I read a lot so the idea came to me that I could fast reading for a day. I haven’t tried this yet but right away I sense myself looking for loopholes. Am I not going to read books? Magazines? The morning newspaper? Email? Blogs? I find myself getting anxious as I think about this. I am perhaps addicted to the printed word.

What are your thoughts about fasting?

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