Questions about Leftovers

How do you deal with leftovers? Do you try to get creative with them? Do you just reheat them an eat them in the original form?

What about leftovers which aren’t food? Leftover yarn comes to mind. What do you do with the yarn left when you’ve completed a project? Make another project, perhaps striped from the leftovers from several projects?

What about leftover fabric from a sewing project? Do you look for small items you can make? Do you combine the leftovers into a quilt?

How do you feel when you’ve successfully used your leftovers? How do you define a successful use of them?

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2 Responses to Questions about Leftovers

  1. Susie says:

    We eat a lot of leftovers. Sometimes we eat them as they are, sometimes we put them in tortillas and call them wraps. If they get lost in the fridge, we call them garbage and and toss them. When my kids were small, I would sometimes make Barbie clothing or a few quilt tops from fabric scraps. Whatever I can use from what’s on hand, I consider it money saved, and I feel really good about it.

  2. fillyjonk says:

    Usually I just heat up the leftover food as it is. In some cases I make what one cookbook author has called “Planned-overs,” that is, you cook a lot of something (like chili or beans) when you have time to do it, and you make something that you like and that keeps well, so you just have to heat it up the rest of the week when you’re busy.

    I’m not super-in-love with eating the same thing every night, but when you’re busy, it can make a difference.

    With yarn, I often wind up giving it away, if it’s something like 2 skeins leftover from a sweater. Or I make small gift items like hats from it. Same thing with fabric scraps, though I’ve gotten better about just tossing really small bits.

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