Interesting Meeting

I had an interesting meeting yesterday afternoon. About ten days ago I got a phone call from Washington U asking me to set up a meeting with someone. We arranged to meet for coffee at the Barnes & Noble about three miles from my house. I was not clear as to the purpose of this meeting but figured I’d go meet with the school’s representative. I rather expected a hard pitch to donate money.

What a pleasant surprise that meeting turned out to be! The representative was a personable young man who works in an alumni relations type office at the school. They are talking to various scholarship recipients. Since I started school there with a scholarship in the night school division, my name was on the list. I was asked questions about why I chose to go to school there, what the scholarship had meant to me, did I ever come back to the campus, what the school could do to encourage me to come to events, etc. There was also interest expressed in what I had done since my graduation.

All in all, it was an enjoyable hour … and not one word about making a donation.

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