Social Weekend

I’m having a social weekend. It’s amazing how events can all congregate within a few days and you find yourself being a social butterfly.

First was Friday night. My pastor’s eldest daughter was married in September in a “destination wedding” in Florida. There was a reception for the happy couple Friday night. She wore her wedding dress. There was a DVD of the wedding playing. I tried to watch it but people kept walking in front of it and standing where I couldn’t see around them so I didn’t get to see the entire wedding.

Today was the Knitters’ Guild’s annual Founders’ Luncheon. This year it was held in a conference center at Washington University. I don’t know if they use in-house caterers or not but the food was delicious. There was a choice of two soups, spinach salad, three-bean salad, a pasta salad with chunks of beef in it, short ribs, baked chicken, a lasagna, rice pilaf with an assortment of cakes and cookies for dessert. All of it was yummy.

I haven’t been active in the Guild for a while so I wasn’t sure if anyone I knew would be there to sit with me. I walked in, found an unclaimed chair at one table and promptly sat down. When everyone who had claimed a seat came and took it, I found myself in a very congenial group of women. Several other friends who were at other tables came by and spoke so it was very nice.

The big attraction at the luncheon is a raffle. I’m not lucky at such events so I didn’t buy any tickets. But one of the women at my table bought ten tickets and won a prize or two. The last one was a group of knitting/craft magazines and she gave them to me. How nice of her!

Tonight I’m off to the Symphony. I’m looking forward to a good concert. Tomorrow night after the evening church service our Spanish congregation is having a dinner to raise funds for missions. That will wind up my social weekend.

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