Let’s Get Our Act Together

Earlier this week the tutoring coordinator at the school called to say I was linked up with Logan, a first grader. We agreed our first session would be today at 10 a.m.

Late last night I got a voice message from her telling me not to come today. His classroom teacher had just realized that he’s scheduled for speech at that time. She would like to reschedule it for Monday or Wednesdays.

I pondered what to do. Those days are not good for me. Once my knees get better (they are very stiff today), I’ll be in my exercise class at that time on Monday and Wednesday. In addition, Joann’s could schedule me to teach a class at that time. Since that is an occasional event, I’d skip the exercise class to teach at Joann’s.

So, what to do? I finally woke up early this morning with a decision made. I agreed to do this tutoring on Thursday morning. The school knew that. If the classroom teacher can’t work around my schedule, then I’m not the right tutor for Logan.

The coordinator was going to work on resolving this issue with the classroom teacher. So I’m once again waiting for her to call me.

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1 Response to Let’s Get Our Act Together

  1. Susie says:

    I agree 100% with your decision. It’s pretty inconsiderate of her to unilaterally change the day. And I feel pretty sure the school isn’t overwhelmed with volunteer tutors. I hope they see the light and treat their tutors with more respect. Poor Logan.

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