Travelogue Season

Travelogue Season has begun. Last night (Friday) was the first one. The subject was Montana. I was interested since I’ve never traveled there in real life. The speaker kind of zigged and zagged across the state but he had some interesting stories and photos to share with us. I especially loved his wildlife shots. I’ve come to the conclusion that to be a good travelogue speaker/photographer you have to be able to take good shots of wildlife and plants.

He also included several shots of his grandson attempting to fish. The boy looked to be 8 or 10 and didn’t have much success in hooking a fish. In fact, Grandfather had to fish Grandson out of the river or lake more often than not. So we saw shots of wet muddy clothes instead of fish.

The film ended with a July 4 parade. I love parades but haven’t been to one in ages due to my knee issues making standing on a curb a problem. However, last night I had a great seat as the parade marched by. There were some interesting floats in the parade. There weren’t as many marching bands as I usually see in my local parades but
it was a colorful parade anyway.

Since I haven’t been able to travel much in the last year or two, these travelogues allow me to visit places I may never get to see.

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