Today I’m Annoyed

Today I’m annoyed. I assumed that I would start tutoring today. When I last talked to the coordinator at the school, we said October 1 would be a good start date for me. Since I tutor on Thursdays, that means today would be the first day.

I hadn’t heard anything more from her. Don’t know if I’m to work with one or two students. So yesterday I called the school and left a message for her to call me. Haven’t heard a word.

So either she knows nothing and chose not to call me or the secretary didn’t give her my message. Maybe I’ll call again next Tuesday.

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One Response to Today I’m Annoyed

  1. Susie says:

    Pretty tacky. You’d think she would let you know something. You should not have to pursue the school to find out. Shame on them. I am guessing someone will call you, wondering why you haven’t shown up.

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