Medical Week

This has been a medical week. Tuesday evening I attended a program hosted by one of the leading hospitals in the area. The topic was “after you call 9-1-1.” It didn’t turn out as I expected but was an interesting evening. I learned that there is a program underway in Missouri which deals with several diagnoses that require speed in treatment … stroke, heart attack, and trauma. This program is working to lessen the time it takes to get a patient the appropriate treatment once 9-1-1 has been called.

The hospital which sponsored the evening is proud of their response time and of the treatments they offer. Some of those treatments have been developed as a result of treating war injuries. The hospital is ranked as one of the top hospitals in the country.

Refreshments were offered. For the first time in a long time, they were healthy refreshments … raw vegetables and dip, fresh fruit and dip with coffee, tea, and water to drink. All in all, a good evening.

Wednesday found me back at the doctor’s getting my knees shot again. I was so surprised when my knees started bleeding from the needles. Somehow I always thought bony knees couldn’t bleed. Of course, if I had remembered all the scrapes from childhood falls I would have known that was wrong. Scabby knees were a badge of honor when I was a child. I mentioned it to the doctor and he informed me that bone bleeds. Oh, the things I’m learning.

Thursday evening was another informational program at another nearby hospital. This one provided dinner … baked chicken, orzo that must have had cheese in it or something which made it rather gummy, roast pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes, green beans which had evidently only been blanched because they were the next thing to raw I’ve ever eaten, and cookies with soda or water to drink. The program was on beating heart surgery. The cardiologist explained the improvements in heart surgery ranging from smaller chest incisions to being able to operate on the heart without using the heart-lung machine.

Tomorrow I wrap up this medical week by getting my flu shot. One of the local hospitals is offering them for free so the price certainly is right.

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