Odds and Ends

Did you know that yesterday was “Park(ing)Day? I wasn’t aware of it until I read the newspaper this morning. According to the paper, this day was celebrated by cities worldwide when participants are encouraged to transform parking spaces into small temporary parks. Did anyone do this in your area?

This event is meant to raise awareness of the need for more parks and public spaces in urban areas while giving city-goers a chance to relax and have fun. These pop-up parks were concentrated in three areas in the city. I really wish there had been some advance publicity because it might have been fun to drive around and see them.

What’s with the asymmetrical hems on tops and skirts? Do you like them? I think they look rather weird. I’m reminded of a skirt I bought a few years ago that had such a hemline. It very quickly went out of fashion. I asked my cleaner to hem it straight, thinking I could get another season or so wear from it but the hemming wasn’t successful and the skirt went in a charity donation.

I’m being annoyed with repeated calls from a charity wanting a donation, a company claiming to eliminate maintenance charges on my time-share, and a company involved with medical research looking for participants. How many times do I have to tell them I don’t have a donation, don’t want to participate in the medical research and don’t own a time share before they give up? I must give them credit for being persistent. They call early in the morning, during dinner and later in the evening.

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