To Go or Not To Go

I’ve been pondering whether or not to attend a free concert in Forest Park on Art Hill tonight. The Symphony has done a preview concert before their season starts (this weekend) at the park for the past few years. I’ve gone other years and enjoyed it. But I’m not sure I want to go this year.

Oh, I’m sure the music will be great. No problem there. The problem revolves around the state of my knees and my somewhat precarious balance. Sometimes when I’ve been sitting for a while I feel lightheaded when I get up to move and I must be careful not to lose my balance and tumble over. Parking is always an issue and there’s no way to be assured of getting a spot where I would want to park. Last time I went I found the last spot in a lot behind the Art Museum and had a fairly long hike in the dark. Burdened as you are with your chair and your dinner, this is not easily accomplished, especially in the dark where you cannot see your footing very well.

The Art Museum has just opened a new expansion. Part of it includes an underground parking garage. BUT they’re charging $15 to park there tonight. No, thanks.

So I think I’ll stay at home tonight. Maybe next year.

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