It’s Gotten Quiet

I noticed last week that it has really gotten quiet around here. I live on the main street through my subdivision and there’s usually a fair bit of traffic through here. But last week in the terrific heat I noticed it was quiet.

I wondered at this. Was everyone staying at home in the air conditioning because of the weather? That’s what I was doing. But the traffic didn’t pick up in the evening when it was nominally “cooling” off so maybe that wasn’t it.

School started about ten days earlier. Was the quiet due to the kids all being in school? That might account for some of the daytime quiet but surely not the evening quiet.

For whatever reason, I’ve been enjoying the serenity that has come with the quiet.

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One Response to It’s Gotten Quiet

  1. kristieinbc says:

    I love the quiet! It has become very quiet here after Labour Day and I am enjoying it very much – I can hear myself think. Enjoy yours while it lasts. 🙂

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