Picnic Update

As I mentioned the other day, our Sunday School picnic was scheduled for today. It has been cancelled.

The reason this year is that the park department called to advise that the pavilion and park had been vandalized. There was no working electricity at the pavilion and the rest rooms aren’t in working order. So they cancelled our booking.

Why do vandals do such damage? What kind of enjoyment to they derive from it? How much will it cost the park department to repair this senseless damage?

Oh, besides the vandalism, the temperature today is forecast to be 100 so that also entered the decision making process which cancelled the picnic. Don’t need anyone to have a heat stroke at a picnic.

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2 Responses to Picnic Update

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Vandalism is one of those things that makes me crazy. It spoils things for so many other people, and it seems so pointless. There’s the broader idea of “I was bored,” which is the defense those teens in Oklahoma are claiming for killing the ECU baseball player. That is just incomprehensible to me….when I was a teen and said “I’m bored,” my mom would send me out to weed the garden or something, so I learned to find (productive) things to keep myself busy. I’m sure people who vandalize vs. people who don’t is partly a matter of parenting….

    • CA Thomas says:

      After giving some thought to the vandalism at the park, I’ve decided the culprits were probably after the copper in the pipes in the restroom and the electrical wiring.  Copper thieves are an issue in the area.  They sell the copper and use the money for … drugs maybe.   Charlotte


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