Phone Books Becoming Obsolete

I think phone books are becoming obsolete. Several years ago our local phone company quit issuing the White Pages. I guess because so many people have given up their land lines, it no longer made any sense to them to publish such a directory. The fact that you could no longer easily look up someone’s address and/or phone number didn’t seem to matter.

Now I have an issue with the Yellow Pages. For years I’ve known that whoever indexes the Yellow Pages doesn’t think like I do. But matters have gotten even worse. Now I can’t find listings for companies I know are in business.

Case in point. I needed to make an appointment with my eye doctor. I knew exactly where his office is but I couldn’t remember his phone number. He sold his practice to Clarkson Eyecare a few years ago but I could not find a listing for any of their offices — they have many — in the Yellow Pages. So I called Information.

That was not much help. Although I had asked for his office in one suburb, they gave me the number of a different suburb. Incidentally, the two names sound nothing alike. I called that number and the clerk there kindly gave me the number I needed. Seems like a lot of work just to make an appointment.

So I’m becoming a collector of business cards. I have some on my kitchen bulletin board and when I get enough, I’ll file them in a nice neat file box. I also feel like I’m turning into an old fogey.

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