Where To Go

I’ve been hearing the reports of the dreadful fires out west and the numbers of people who must evacuate their homes, not knowing if anything will be left to come back to. I ponder. Where do they go? What do they take with them? Do they have packed bags similar to when a pregnant woman is waiting to go to the hospital? Do they get enough warning to pack a bag?

Thinking about that has caused me to think about what I’d put in a bag if I had to evacuate, assuming I’d have enough time to pack one. I’d definitely want to take the family photo albums with me. But necessities like clean underwear would also be a priority and a supply of my medicines. Money and credit cards would also go with me.

Fortunately, where I live we don’t hear about the need to evacuate very often. Sometimes when the rivers are up, folks have to evacuate until the water goes back down. If you live in a flood plain, you pretty much know what to do and where to go. Shelters are set up in schools and/or churches located on higher ground. Still, it must be a very unsettled time.

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2 Responses to Where To Go

  1. Kiwi says:

    Having been in situations because of earthquakes where evacuation might have been called for top priorities are medications, money/cards, valuable documents and change of clothing you can layer. For many nights we would sleep with a pile of clothing beside the bed ready to grab and run. If you are able to evacuate in a car you can take more with you otherwise it is basically what you can carry. Here welfare centres are set up – each school is one – and you go to the nearest one. Consequently we have our valuable documents where we can grab them in a hurry (hopefully). When you have just a few minutes to get things you need to have them handy and if you have warning of evacuation you can be prepared.

  2. fillyjonk says:

    I have heard that some agencies suggest people keep a ‘go bag’ with a couple changes of clothes, important medications, important papers, and food and water in them. I admit I am not so good about having all of that, but where I live, it seems most of the “disasters” we might face are either ones you can’t evacuate quickly enough for (tornadoes) or are ones where “sheltering in place” (ice storms) makes more sense.

    There are shelters set up in schools and such, but I think I would find that kind of setting very taxing – a row of cots and people all crammed together. If I had enough lead-time and enough money, I think I’d try leaving the area and staying in a hotel. I don’t have family all that near but I know in cases when people are within a couple hours’ drive of family, they often shelter with them.

    I will say I keep looking at the “large lantern” in the Lehmann’s catalog – this is one you could boil water on and that will heat a small room, and contemplate getting one in case of a future ice storm where we lose power for a few days, as the starter on my furnace is electric and I don’t have a functional fireplace – an oil lantern I could use to heat food might make some sense. (I’d probably have to use it out on the porch, or at least in a room with all the windows open – fumes)

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