The Price is How Much?

How much would you pay for an air purifier/vacuum cleaner? The other day I got a call from a young woman wanting me to participate in a survey. I took the few minutes to answer her questions. As a reward for doing so, I was told I would get $1,000 worth of grocery coupons.

For some reason, these coupons had to be delivered to me. They couldn’t be sent in the mail. So today a young man came to deliver them. Oh, yes, he was to do a demonstration of this air purifier.

I didn’t let him get through the entire presentation. I wasn’t a bit interested in purchasing this thing. He had to stay at least 30 minutes, though, to get paid for making the call and being allowed to leave the “coupons.” So I kept him talking for that long.

Just before he left, I asked the price of the purifier/vacuum cleaner. I nearly dropped my teeth when he said $3,000! Good thing I wasn’t interested in buying one.

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