Having Lunch with Old Friend

A friend who retired a year or so before I did was in town today. She and her husband moved to Florida when they retired. But their daughter lives here so they come at least once a year to visit family. While here, she often asks me to meet her for lunch. That’s what we did today.

Our lunch was a Panera Bread Company, a favorite place of ours. We had the broccoli cheddar soup and a Greek salad topped off with a mini rhubarb/strawberry cake. It was all delicious but the Greeks must really like salt. The salad was full of feta cheese and olives. I left some of my olives because I knew I couldn’t eat all of them without swelling up from water retention.

That made me wonder. Is all Greek cooking full of salt? Is there some climatic reason for Greek cooks to use so much of it?

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One Response to Having Lunch with Old Friend

  1. Susie says:

    Maybe next time you could take a couple of baggies with you, and ask for the feta and olives on the side. I think Greek food is more about the taste than the health aspects of salt and fat. It does taste good, for sure!

    Good food, good friends–it doesn’t get much better than that.

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