New Life

It is heartwarming to see the excitement and the warm welcome given to William and Kate’s baby boy. Every baby should have a great welcome like that. Best wishes for a great upbringing for the baby.

Today saw the birth of another kind of baby — a knit baby. I was called in to teach a Kids’ Knitting class. The Kid in this case was an older girl. I’m not sure how old she was but I’d guess on the edge of being a teenager. She was a methodical student but did very well. So, welcome to the knitting world, new knitter. May your days be filled with satisfying projects.

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1 Response to New Life

  1. Mary Ann Powell says:

    There’s a new baby in my family too – my 7th great-grandchild, a little girl, was born on Wed., July 24th. Her name is Zoe Isabella.

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