Camp Meeting

Later this week Camp Meeting starts. I’m trying to determine whether I’m going. As I mentioned, my legs continue to give me problems. But I would hate to stay home, especially after the article I wrote for last Sunday’s bulletin at church encouraging people to attend. Talk about being a hypocrite!

Here’s my article:

“Here it is — the middle of the summer, a common time to have a family reunion. It doesn’t matter if your family is big or small, gathering together is good. It’s an opportunity to check up on how much the youngsters have grown, who has gotten engaged or married, who is expecting or just had a baby and, sadly, who is no longer with us. It’s a good time to bring out treasured family recipes to make for a huge potluck meal. Maybe you organize a family softball game or a horseshoe tournament. Some family members live close to each other while others travel a long distance to be together again. But the key element is you’re all family and you’re together.

Camp Meeting is sort of a spiritual family reunion. It’s a time to see your friends from around the district. Some travel for several hours to be there. Others just have to drive across town. But it’s great to learn who has spiritual babies in their church and to see how much last year’s babies have grown in the Lord. Family members who have experienced miracles are happy to share that news with you. For young ministers just starting out, it’s a good time to network with established pastors. For those looking for romance, it’s a good place to get acquainted with potential suitors.

The speakers for Camp Meeting have been chosen with care. They’ve studied and prayed to prepare a delicious dish for the spiritual feast you’ll enjoy as they teach and preach. Be sure to come prepared with a spiritual appetite and a desire to hear from God. Join in the singing and worship so you can gain every benefit from Camp Meeting. After all, you’re family and you’re together.”

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