Family Treasures

I’m currently reading a book and the main character talks about her mother’s family recipes. Her mother died when she (the main character) was 13 but before then she wrote out their family recipes in a book which she gave her daughter. I thought what a great idea!

I’ve toyed with a similar idea. When my nephew was married, I thought about making up a book with some of my mom’s recipes in it for his wife. I’ve considered doing that for my niece. Then I had a revelation … those recipes wouldn’t mean a thing to those young people because they never ate them.

My sister and I ate them when we were growing up. But she didn’t fix them for her children. I don’t have children. So when I’m gone, my mother’s recipes will be gone too. It’s sad to think that no one else will treasure those particular family recipes.

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2 Responses to Family Treasures

  1. Susie says:

    I do think you should write that book of your mom’s recipes. You never know who might be interested in having them. If you have seen any youtube videos by Clara, the 90-something lady who makes dishes her mother made during the Depression, you will see how many people have watched them. You could comment on some or all of your mom’s recipes. Everyone loves a backstory. I would buy that book! Matter of fact, I am placing my order now!

  2. fillyjonk says:

    Yes, I agree with Susie. I love “vintage” cookbooks and recipes, even if they are not things I ate – it’s just interesting. I have copies of some of my grandmother’s recipes for things I’d never make (mustard pickle, for example, I don’t care for mustard pickle) but I like the history behind them and the fact that people in my family made them.

    I also have a recipe for “Aunt Lou’s Orange Cake” and I always have to ask my mother who “Aunt Lou” was (I think she was my mother’s aunt, her father’s sister. I never met her.)

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