How Do They Do It?

We all know how the flimsy hangers from the dry cleaners will mate and multiply. Well, I’m convinced thin plastic bags from the supermarket does the same thing. Otherwise, how could I end up with so many?

I have the reusable tote bags which I carry in the car. When I go grocery shopping, it’s easy to grab them and take them into the store with me. But somehow, I end up bringing home a batch of the plastic bags.

I try to find uses for them … wrapping wet trash, as packing materials when I mail something, etc. But still those frisky bags continue to multiply.

Is anyone working on birth control for plastic bags?

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One Response to How Do They Do It?

  1. Susie says:

    I use plastic bags all the time. I never buy garbage bags. I just use the ones I bring my groceries in to line the various trash cans in the house. They are perfect for disposing of cat litter or for scooping up doggy do. I use them to hold shoes in a suitcase or to bring home dirty laundry from a trip. If I need to send items home with someone, a plastic bag holds them. They are ideal fillers in shipping or moving boxes. If I do end up with more than I will use, I recycle them at Walmart. I put a plastic bag on the doorknob of the utility room and fill it up. On the way out the door to Walmart, I pick it up and then put it in the recycle bin just outside Walmart’s doors. (I particularly like their recycle box, because the opening is large enough I don’t have to force the bag in). You can request paper bags, which I do on occasion. But most of the time, the ubiquitous plastic bag is my choice.

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