Questions I Can’t Answer

There are some questions which are puzzling me. I have no answers for them.

First, what is the guy who leaked the security info before fleeing to Hong Kong using for money? Is some one or some country paying him for doing this? Where is he getting the money to buy food, etc., while he hides in the airport in Moscow? Maybe someone is giving him food? I have no answers and don’t even know who to ask to get them.

Next topic is the brouhaha over Paula Deen. My impression is that she used the negative word once … years ago. So why is she being crucified now? Especially since young people of color call each other that word freely. I’m surprised the corporations are jumping on the bandwagon to dump her products, stop her sponsorship deals, etc. What are they hoping to achieve by this? Why aren’t politicians held to this same standard when they say and do dumb things? Where can I find answers to these questions?

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