Disappointing Program

A luxury retirement community not too far from me has programs about once a month to which the public is invited. Normally they are on some health topic. This month was different. The program was on decluttering and downsizing. I thought that would be an interesting program so I went along yesterday to attend.

What a disappointment! The program was done by two women who own/work in a business that helps seniors (I’m assuming they don’t do this for younger people but I could be wrong) declutter their homes, particularly when they are moving into a retirement community. I hoped to get some good tips. Alas, that was not the case.

The main speaker stressed the need to clear out china, collections, furniture, etc. She offered no real ideas on what you were supposed to do with the stuff beyond asking family members if they wanted it or giving it to Goodwill. Her helper talked about cleaning out the kitchen junk drawer and how long to keep various papers. She also stressed the importance of taking your name off anything you’re discarding.

So … no new information for me. I was disappointed. The promised refreshments were cookies and iced tea or water which was also a disappointment. Usually they also have fruit. Oh, well, since it didn’t cost me anything but some time and a bit of gas to drive over there, I shouldn’t complain.

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