They’re Popping Up Like Weeds

The fireworks stands/tents are popping like weeds. It’s that time of year again. I noticed one had a sign saying it will open on the 20th so I expect I’ll soon be hearing firecrackers going off after dark.

I wonder what is the appeal of fireworks. Is it the bright patterns they make against a dark sky? Is it the noise a string of small firecrackers make as they pop-pop-pop? Is it the attraction of a seasonal treat?

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1 Response to They’re Popping Up Like Weeds

  1. fillyjonk says:

    I’m already hearing the small ones (like bottle rockets) being shot off here. (Luckily we had a wet spring…). I think the “personal” fireworks are attractive to some because it’s something you’re not normally allowed to do, playing with explosives. Or maybe it’s the noise, which I frankly can do without. (I prefer the big “pretty” fireworks that cities or civic groups do under the direction of experts, because of the colors and the designs).

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