Conference Call

My meeting at Joann’s turned into a conference call. I really wish the moderator had followed a procedure we used to do when I had a business job and that was have everyone introduce themselves. As it was, except for the class coordinator, the store manager and me, they were just voices on the phone. Sad to say, I didn’t recognize the voices. I don’t know if the other teachers I have met weren’t participating or if they had nothing to say.

The main thrust of the call was — after the nice scolding about attending Open House, leaving the room clean, etc. — was that we need to “build our business.” In other words, don’t expect much help from the store in getting attendance in your classes. We were encouraged to make displays, etc., that would entice customers to sign up. I’m sorry but I wasn’t all that excited about the idea.

It’s hard to think up ways to encourage customers to sign up for your classes when you’re not that excited about them in the first place. I think the project classes are mostly lame. Most customers I talk with don’t want to knit those things.

We were told we could develop our own classes and submit them to the class coordinator. But she has to work so far ahead to get things scheduled that if we want to teach a particular thing in December, we have to get it submitted right now. I’m not sure I can explain that to a student who wants to knit whatever NOW that we have to wait six months to have the class.

I was not thrilled with the conference call. I’m feeling utterly lacking in ideas. Do you have any to share with me? What do you think people will want to knit six months from now?

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