Not Exactly Successful Open House

Today was the monthly Open House at Joann’s when classes are on sale for half price. It was not exactly a roaring success. Only two teachers showed up; I understand three called in sick. Must be some bug going around that I’m not aware of. So one of the crochet teachers and I shared a table.

Our two hours were productive in one way. She completed a small purse and even added a long strap to it so a young girl could wear it when she went out on the town. I completed a hat I had started some time ago and just never finished. Then I started on a small purse which is one of the scheduled classes. I have about two inches to go to have it knitted.

Where we weren’t successful was enticing people to sign up for classes. The store was quiet today with not many customers coming in. I talked to two or three ladies but couldn’t convince them to sign up. I’m not sure the crochet teacher talked to any customers. When we left, the class coordinator said only five classes had been sold so far. Hopefully, all the customers were at home gardening/cutting the grass since the weather is beautiful today. Maybe they’ll stop by Joann’s this evening and sign up for a class or three.

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