Learning Something from Blogs

It’s always interesting what you can learn from reading blogs. Today I was reading Table Matters and learned that chicken and waffles are a Pennsylvania Dutch dish. For some crazy reason, I had always thought that was a southern dish. I also thought it was fried chicken with a side dish of waffles and I couldn’t quite understand why you would want to eat that. Turns out I was wrong.

It’s more likely to be chicken in a gravy served over the waffles which are not sweet waffles. That makes more sense to me. In fact, I might have to try that recipe sometime. Seems like it would be a good way to use part of a rotissiered chicken from the supermarket.

What have you learned from a blog?

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One Response to Learning Something from Blogs

  1. Susie says:

    I just learned about chicken and waffles! I never could figure out how anyone could serve them together, and actually sell them. I know places do, but I just didn’t see how they could possibly go together. Makes a lot more sense now.

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