Stormy Weather

The aftermath of the tornado in Oklahoma are widespread. It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the destruction there. To think of a storm a mile wide that stayed on the ground for 40 minutes … well, my mind just boggles.

Such storms have far-reaching effects. That storm system moved toward Missouri. We had tornado watches and warnings here. Late last evening we had fierce thunderstorms here at my house. Thunder crashed, lightening flashed, and rain came down in torrents. There was some high winds but, thankfully, we avoided any tornadoes.

Similar weather is forecast for today. So far, we have sunshine but I understand that’s a mixed blessing because it will cause the atmosphere to warm which can contribute to the formation of more tornadoes.

I think it’s time to pray … for the people in Oklahoma and to give thanks for the protection we’ve been afforded so far.

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