Skipping Luncheon

The Ladies Who Lunch from church were going to lunch today, the first time in several months. I was invited and had intended to go but I was up so late last night that I couldn’t bear getting up in time to make the luncheon. They schedule it at 11 a.m. and that’s early for lunch to me. In fact, I was wondering what I could eat for a “light” breakfast before going to lunch.

But I ended up not going at all. My sore legs were hurting quite a bit, I was very tired still and decided I could probably find a better use for my $20 than spending it on lunch.

Normally I enjoy going to lunch with the group but there is one thing I don’t like … the cost. They favor going to tea rooms with attached gift shops and lunch routinely costs between $15 and $20 when you include the gratuity. I think that’s pricey for lunch. So, thanks to my aching legs and being lazy, I saved $20 today.

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