It’s Warm In Here

My air conditioning has conked out. So it is definitely warm in here. At least the ceiling fan works. I’ve a call in to the repairman who is to come this afternoon. Sure hope he makes it.

This morning I had a class at Joann’s. It was a “get help with your projects” kinds of class. The student was a woman who took a class with me last February. She brought in her scarf so I could see that she did finish it. She did a good job.

The project she especially wanted help with was an Aran afghan. It took some puzzling over before we figured out what row she was on and I had to teach her how to purl — she had forgotten how — but when she left she was on her way to finishing her afghan. It was designed to be knit in three panels and then seamed together. She had cast on for two panels and neither one of us knew why she hadn’t just cast on for all three. She was concerned that she didn’t have enough yarn left to complete the afghan. But once we really looked at it and figured out where she was, I think she should be able to complete it with the yarn she has. She bought it in a kit back in the 1970s so there’s no hope of getting more yarn to match.

She also had a sweater she had started. She had the back and front done and both sleeves started but she didn’t have much yarn left. She didn’t have the pattern with her but once I studied the sleeve starts, I realized she was closer to finishing this project than she thought. She thought the sleeves were long ones but they are elbow length sleeves so I think she’ll be able to finish it with the yarn she has available — once she finds the pattern.

It was a good morning. I was in cool air with a fellow knitter.

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