Food Donation

I received a notice in my mailbox day before yesterday that the letter carriers were having a food drive today. I looked in my pantry and didn’t find much I could donate. I was sitting reading this morning when it dawned on me that it was almost noon and I hadn’t put my bag out yet. As I went to the kitchen I thought,
“I knew I should have put this together last night.”

I quickly grabbed the notice and checked to make sure what kind of items they wanted. Then I grabbed the bag and opened the pantry. In went a can of tuna, a package of spaghetti, a can of mandarin oranges, a box of green jello, and a box of mac ‘n cheese. Strange assortment, I know, but maybe someone will enjoy those items.

I was glad to read that they would accept boxed items. When the Scouts do their drive, they don’t want boxed items. Given the state of my pantry, I didn’t have much that was canned I could donate. I like to give stews, chili, canned ham … the sort of protein products that can make a meal. But the can of tuna was the best I could do this time.

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1 Response to Food Donation

  1. Mary Ann Powell says:

    I missed the letter carriers’ food drive this year and don’t know how. I never saw a notice or ad of any kind. And I had things all ready to go too. Dick was a letter carrier for almost 40 years, so I always try to give to their drive. I’ll have to be more alert next year.

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