That’s A First

I taught a knitting class Monday evening, the first class I’ve had in more than a month. Since JoAnn’s went to a new registration system that is all computerized, most of my classes have been cancelled due to lack of enrollment. The new corporate mandate is three students or more per class. Lots of my classes have only one student.

That was true Monday night … just one student. But the class coordinator insisted that corporate let me go ahead with it because the customer had been rescheduled several times already hoping to get more students. That just wasn’t happening. The student was great — a retiree who knitted 50 years ago but had forgotten how and needed to brush up her skills. A most enjoyable evening.

Normally, it takes two or more weeks go get paid for a class. To my utter surprise I got notification today — just three days after a class — that the payment has been deposited in my account. That’s a first!

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