Finally … A Finished Scarf

Summer 2012 the woman who sits in front of me at church asked me to knit her a scarf. She’s always pulling her collar up around her neck and, if long enough, over her ear. So I said I would.

She brought the pattern and some yarn but I had to tell her it wasn’t the right yarn. The pattern is an old one and the yarn it called for isn’t made any more. The weight designation is no longer used. I finally told her to look for “baby yarn” as that would work up correctly.

She came back with a yarn that is brown with flecks of pink and blue in it. It wouldn’t be my choice at all and I fear it may be scratchy. But I started the scarf.

I stopped and started on the scarf many times. For something that’s normally a simple project, I find scarves take a long time to knit. But I finally have it finished … just in time for summer! Of course, she gets cold in the air conditioning so she may be able to use it before next winter.

I took the scarf to church with me Sunday night. This woman who is so faithful in attendance wasn’t there! So I’ll take it again this Sunday.

Now to find that baby sweater I have started so it can be finished.

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