Home From Ladies’ Conference

This week was the annual Missouri District Ladies’ Conference. I booked my hotel back in January and registered almost as soon as registration opened. I was really looking forward to it because one of the speakers is one I really enjoy. I didn’t know the other one.

The Conference lived up to my expectations. Donna Linville is a Christian humorist and had us laughing until we were almost sick. Then she turned serious and proved she is a tremendous speaker.

Rachel Coltharp, the speaker I didn’t know, turned out to be very interesting. She, too, used a lot of humor in her remarks. Her topics were thought provoking and something to mull over in the days ahead.

Part of the attraction of the Conference is seeing people you know from around the state. Sadly, some of the women I usually see weren’t there. I missed them. There were some there I hadn’t seen in a while and it’s good to be grabbed and hugged by someone you haven’t seen in months.

The theme of the Conference was “Celebrate.” We were celebrating the 30th anniversary of holding this Conference. I kept remembering the song “Celebrate” which was very popular at the ball park a few years ago. I think it was sung by Sister Sledge. Anyohe know? At any rate, I kept waiting for the group to sing at least a version of it.

Sure enough, the music director and written a version that was appropriate for our Conference and we sang it with abandonment. One of the speakers said she wished the music director would record it because she’d like to exercise to it.

One hard thing about going away is that I don’t sleep as well as I would like. As a result, I’m often very tired, particularly the second day. I thought I had figured out a way around that for last night but I kept waking up about every 90 minutes. Such broken sleep is not restful. As I drove home this afternoon, I very nearly fell asleep while driving. Being tired was part of it. The hypnotic swish of the wipers was part of it. Drinking my iced tea didn’t give me enough caffeine to keep me awake. I stopped and bought a big candy bar that was supposed to have three times the chocolate which meant more caffeine. While it tasted delicious and helped for a bit, by the end of the next hour, I was fighting sleep again. So once I finally made it in my garage, I came in the house and took a nap.

I had a ticket to the Symphony tonight and fully intended to go. But I was concerned about falling sleep while driving to the Symphony hall. In the end, I called and donated my seat to charity.

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