Getting Annoyed

I’m getting annoyed with my grass cutters. I signed their contract to have my yard cut by them again this year. They’ve been doing my yard work for a number of years now but the company which is a family firm has moved to younger family members who are seriously getting on my nerves.

My yard has been growing, thanks to all the rain we’ve had, and is in desperate need of cutting. It’s almost time to bring in the hay balers! So yesterday after a rainless weekend, I called them. It was a beautiful day and perfect for cutting grass. I was told that they’re behind because of all the rain — understandable — and they promised that they would be here first thing today.

They weren’t. Guess what was … yes, more rain.

Another annoyance is that they do not put their phone number of their invoice. When I look them up in the phone book, the number goes to the mother, not the current business. Her recording gives the new number. If I were her, I’d insist that they get their number listed correctly … and put it on their invoice as well.

Guess I’m just being petty about all this. Maybe that’s why such things are called petty annoyances.

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