A Nice Birthday Celebration

It wasn’t really a party but we had a very nice surprise 60th birthday celebrations for my pastor at church last night. Out of town family members and special ministerial guests were stashed in various places in the building. When the congregation which was in the sanctuary sang Happy Birthday, it was their cue to come in and join us. The pastor left his seat in the front of the church and “glad handed” the various ones coming in.

The program for the event included a song written especially for the occasion. It was all about this being the end. The words were projected on the wall and there were humorous pictures behind them that had the congregation in giggles.

There were three speakers. One was his father who told various memories of his son’s growing up years, especially, and other family stories. Then one of the visiting ministers talked about his early ministry. Finally a long-time member spoke about how the church felt about the pastor and how much we all love him. A girls ensemble sang a song and then we all moved to the fellowship hall for cake and punch. It was a nice event.

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1 Response to A Nice Birthday Celebration

  1. Susie says:

    I’ve never met your pastor, but I’d have loved attending the celebration. There is something so wonderful and appropriate about showing love and respect to a long time pastor. He is certainly worthy.

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