Surviving the Storm

Wednesday we were under tornado watches almost all day. I put off going grocery shopping because I didn’t want to be caught out in a bad storm.

The evening the storm came. At my house we had downpours of rain, tremendous cracks of thunder and flashes of lightening. There was also some wind but I don’t know how many mph it was blowing.

Suburbs to the west and north of me got hit much harder. At least one tornado touched down in Hazelwood, the same area hit hard by tornados at Easter two years ago. But the storm damage this time was rather scattered. One area in the city was about six blocks from where I used to live.

Most everyone came through the storm okay with only property damage. Sadly, one of the workers for the electric company died while trying to restore power to those who lost it during the storm. Lots of trees were damaged and roofs blew off a number of buildings.

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